Scott Crawford: Owner/Operator Washington State Fishing Guides

Scotty Crawford: Proud Owner/Operator Of Washington State Fishing Guides

Hi! My name is Scotty Crawford. I'm a WA State native. I've been fishing the rivers and streams of Washington State for over 30 years.

As an "addicted" sport fisherman, I have spent countless hours both professionally and recreationally on the water learning and/perfecting my craft.

A large portion of this time was spent fishing from the banks of rivers here in Washington. Over the years I feel as if I have caught my limit of fish . For me the game has changed. Now what brings me joy is getting men, women and children out on the water to share with everyone what I have loved my entire life. Nothing gives me greater pleasure now then to be netting a fish and experiencing other people's excitement.

My oath to you as a prospective client is to make sure you have fun first and fish second. There is nobody in this business that will work harder for your success as an angler! - SCOTTY

Karen Sherwin