Nisqually River Salmon Fishing

The Nisqually River is located in West Central Washington State and travels through Lewis, Pierce and Thurston Counties.  

The Nisqually River originates on the southern side of Mt Rainer from the Nisqually Glacier.  The Nisqually River travels approximately 81 miles from the Nisqually Glacier until it reaches Puget Sound near Lacey, Washington.

Nisqually is pronounced, niskwali, and is named for the Niqually Indian Tribe.  The Nisqually Tribe originally occupied the area surrounding the river.

The tributaries of the Nisqually River include Muck Creek, Yelm Creek, Tanwax Creek, Ohop Creek, Mashel River, Little Nisqually River, East Creek, Mineral Creek and Big Creek.

There are two dams located on the Nisqually River: the LaGrande Dam and Alder Dam.

The Nisqually River is a popular place to fish forSalmon.

The Lake formed behind Alder Dam is called Alder Lake.  Alder Lake is stocked with Kokanee, or land locked salmon, by Tacoma Power who owns and operates the dam.  Tacoma Power began stocking Alder Lake with 500,000 Kokanee Salmon a year in 1999. This provided anglers with an excellent source of fishing opportunities.  Many of these salmon now spawn in tributaries near the lake.

Tacoma Power also fully funds the Nisqually Tribe's Clear Creek Hatchery.  This Nisqually River hatchery produces 4 million chinook smolts and one million coho smolts each year.