Satsop River Salmon and Steelhead Fishing

When/What We Fish on Satsop

We fish on the Satsop river from October through December.  We fish for Silvers(Coho), Steelhead and Chum

The Satsop River originates on the southern slopes of the Olympic Mountains within Grays Harbor and Mason Counties. From this point, the river's four major tributaries (the Middle, East, and West Forks, and Decker Creek) flow for some 50 miles through heavily wooded hill country before joining the mainstem a few miles above the community of Satsop.

The East Fork of the Satsop River flows southwesterly from the confluence of Phillips and Stillwater Creeks to Simpson State Salmon Hatchery at RM 17.5. The Satsop River flows through a broad flat valley of mixed coniferous and deciduous trees. One of the Satsop River's major tributaries, Bingham Creek, and five smaller tributaries enter the East Fork.

The West Fork Satsop River begins in the steep foothills of the Olympic Mountains and flows southerly through a narrow valley to RM 33. Below here, the stream flows through a broad valley with low surrounding hills.

The Satsop River ends it's journey as it flows into the Chehalis River near the town of Sastop, Washington.

We enjoy Satsop River fishing from October through December for Coho (Silvers), Chum Salmon and Steelhead.