Wynoochee River - Montesano, WA


Wynoochee River Fishing Guides for Fall Salmon and Winter Steelhead  

Come fish the Wynoochee River for the best freshwater fishing 10 months a year.  They Wynoochee River is located in Montesano in Grays Harbor County and is open the first Saturday in June through March 31st every year. The Wynoochee River is a small to medium sized stream that originates in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.  The Wynoochee is the perfect river for drift boat fishing and bank fishing.  Fish the Wynoochee for Summer Steelhead, Coho  Salmon and Winter Steelhead.  The Wynoochee River also has cutthroat trout and is a beautiful place to spend the day floating down the river.  Close to Tacoma and Seattle.

The Wynoochee River is also close to the Ocean Beaches and the best fishing for Wynoochee River Steelhead falls during normal clam-digging season!

Wynoochee, pronounced WHY-noo-CHEE, is one of the best rivers on the Olympic Peninsula for Summer and Winter Steelhead Fishing.  It is also sometimes spelled  Wynoche or Wynoochie and means 'changing or shifting,' due to its ever changing path.

The Wynoochee River is located near the small town of Montesano in Western Washington.  The river is born out of the beautiful Olympic Mountains in the Olympic National Forest. See Info below for bank access information for fishing the Wynoochee River:

For bank fishing there are several spots we can recommend.  Just get a map and you should be able to find these spots easily enough.  We always recommend that you go out with a professional full time, experienced fishing guide before you choose to float this river or attempt to bank fish. Local knowledge is worth a lot on this amazing river.

1.  Twin Bridges:  this is the lowest section of the river regularly bank fished. This is just downstream of highway 12 just down past the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

2.  Black Creek:  This is located on Wynoochee Valley Rd near the intersection of Black Creek Rd and Geissler Rd.  Bank access from both sides of the bridge.

3.  CAUTION!!  Accessing the river below the intake requires landowner permission - trespassers are now being prosecutes as of July 2016 :  Intake:  Further up Wynoochee Valley Rd just past the Grange Building on the left there is a walk-in trail.  You can park next to the road next to a wooden fence and walk into the water Intake.  This is a popular fishing area for bank anglers as well.

4.  Cross Over:  Just off of Wynoochee Valley Rd past the fire station off of Wyn-Wishkah Rd. There is a bridge with bank access below bridge and along gravel bar at low water levels.

5.  White Bridge.  Continue past cross over on Wyn-Wishkah Rd and turn right at next rd.  Go to the end of the road and there is a gravel bar at the end of the road which many anglers use to bank fish.

6.  7400 line bridge aka Bob's Bridge:  Continue north on the Wynoochee Valley Rd past Wyn-Wishkah Rd.  Follow Wynoochee Valley Rd about 10 miles North.  It will turn into a Timberland Area.  The first main left turn off once The first main left turn off once you reach the forestland area is the 7300 line road.  Follow 7300 to 7400 line rd.  There will be a bridge with lots of bank access below bridge.  You can also venture north on the 7300 line and find other bank access areas you can hike into north of Bob's Bridge.River for both Summer and Winter-Run Steelhead.  The best time to fish the Wynoochee River is from June through March, with the best chance at trophy Wynoochee River Steelhead during January through March.

We welcome you to experience the beauty of the Wynoochee River and the ultimate Wynoochee River Fishing Experience!

Planning A Trip To The Olympic Peninsula? Schedule A Day Or Two Of Wynoochee River Salmon Fishing.